Ambivalence Avenue

September is the month of beginnings. It’s the first month of the new fashion year, when school starts back, when the fall premiers happen… Life begins again in September. The [hopeful] change in temperature to cooler nights gives us a new sense of youth, and those of us that still are young awaken our sense of adventure. You see, in September, everything is new and everything is exciting.

This here is the introduction to my new blog. I’ve started things in the past… projects of mine that remain incomplete. But not this time. For this project there is something that always seems to be missing… a plan and a voice. In the past I have tired to emulate my favorite bloggers, by modeling my own thoughts after theirs. I’ve come to the realization that is the exact opposite of what I’ve always been trying to do. I want to get my own voice out, so why would I copy others?

Things to look forward to:

  • Thoughts from a Moon and Lola intern
  • Life as the President of the Meredith Fashion Association
  • Comments on film, music, television, art, fashion

So are you ready to get started… I am!

As You Were,



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