Young Folks

Life has been crazy… I’m talking insane, pull your hair out, eye twitching crazy. Fall break starts at the end of next week along with, brace yourself, MIDTERMS. For my past two college years, I don’t remember ever having midterms. And if this is true, this year I am certainly making up for it. Project proposals, sewing exams, six month buying plans, census projects, biology tests.. all of this crammed into two days. Now you understand why I’m loosing my mind.

Apart from school though, things have been good. Lately I’ve been working a lot at Moon and Lola and things there are really taking off. We’ve been in magazines, on Gossip Girl (V seen wearing M&L New Orleans at roof party) and on Rachael Ray this morning. You can imagine the excitement in the studio. We’ve also been shipping a lot of the new line, which by the way features zippers, safety pins, crystals, and some gorgeous bracelets, to our publicist and stores. Today we took some staples down to this little shop in Downtown Apex and set Meemaw up with a huge stock. Next week while I’m in the office we will be bringing it back to me and talking about what I’m going to wear in New York!!

Yes, I’m going to New York for fall break with the fashion department at Meredith. We are touring a National Magazine (I was late to the info meeting, so I don’t know which one) going on the Sex and the City tour, doing FIT and the MET, meeting with Alum to talk about what they are doing, and of course SHOPPING. I could not be more excited. I’m not sure what the thing is that I’m going to be looking for while I’m there but I have no doubt that I will come back with cute things.

I know I said that I would talk about things that are happening locally so I wanted to make sure to say a few words about Strides for Fashion. It was at Vivace on Thursday. The models were dressed in outfits from Vermillion and Scout and Mollys. Hair was done by Von Keikal and makeup by Lux. The show was great. I unfortunately only got to watch the clothes from Vermillion and there were definitely some pieces that I have my eye on. I got to speak with the owner of Lux, Fique, and she was so sweet. I can’t wait to go into her shop and play with all the great stuff she has. And let me tell you about this cuff she was wearing. It was perfect. Absolutely to die for. She got it in New York and she is considering stocking them. My plan is to go into the shop and continuously ask for it until they order them. I must have it.

Well I hope that everyone is having a much less stressful week than I’m having and hopefully some of you are lucky enough to be attendance at the U2/Muse concert tomorrow night at Carter Finley. Jealously is currently steaming from me. And I promise to be better at posting updates, and hopefully I will remember to take my camera out sooner rather than later and get some pictures up.

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