You’ll Find a Way

Well I leave for New York on Wednesday night. I’m having a difficult time deciding what to pack. Which translates into me packing the entire closet. Good move. The weekend was rather uneventful for me… I studied. I taught Nic (my brother, senior) and the rest of the powderpuff cheerleaders the Single Ladies dance tonight. I haven’t laughed that hard in such a long time. It was rolling on the ground material.

One good thing about this weekend was that on Saturday while at the Benefit counter, a couple of the sales girls asked me about my headband. I was stoked because this is the headband I hand beaded and it took hours. I’m absolutely in love with it and it’s completely one of a kind. It’s part of Olde Alice (my headband company.. for lack of better term). Me and my roomate/best friend/partner in crimes have a little business and we are hoping it will take off this fall. Just tonight we discussed the future of Olde Alice and have decided to instill weekly headband making night, to always carry business cards, and to wear our creations as much as possible to get them out there. Tomorrow we will both be sporting Olde Alice originals and should I remember I will try and take a picture.

One more thing… Can I just say that Gossip Girl was so good today. It was good to see a return of Little J. Also, I would really like her headband that she decided not to wear. Truly, I’m in love.

As You Were


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