I’m still recovering from New York. It was so much fun and we were so busy. I got there late Wednesday night and so I just stayed in the hotel and talked to friends on the phone. Thursday started bright and early with a trip to the Federal Reserve.. I guess the accounting majors on the trip had to do something related to them. It was neat to see all the gold and go into the vault, that is until I started feeling claustrophobic and thought I was going to die 16 floors below the subway. But we made it out thankfully. After grabbing lunch at Macy’s we went on the Sex and City Tour. Being a fan of the show it was cool to see some of the main places from the show. Things like The New York Library, where Carrie and Big’s Wedding was suppose to happen, to the Pleasure Chest where the girls discovered the rabbit, to Buddakan, host to many a party. Later that night we met up with some Alums for a dinner at Norma’s on the Upper East Side.. so yummy. On Friday we started the day with a Bloomy’s trip and after lunch we went to Promostyl, the leaders in fashion forecasting. Their jobs seem so glamourous. We chatted with them for a while about what a fashion forecaster does (predicts trends 18 months in advance), what it takes to be a fashion forecaster (long days and selflessness) and had a little chat about how everyone is so connected in the City. When we were leaving one of the guys told me he really liked my jacket.. I was on cloud nine. Afterwards we went to Findings, a design showroom, and talked about being a liaison between buyers and the designers. It was so nice of MarySue to keep the office open for us to come in and look around. She is such an angel for staying late on a Friday night. Late night on Friday me and the girls hopped into a stretch hummer limo and went downtown to the West Village to eat dinner at this very trendy Mexican resturant. Afterwards we went out to the GasLight and danced the night away. Saturday morning started off a little rough with getting lost in the subway trying to head to the MET but finally we made it. We looked around then headed back down to the West Village for more shopping then back up to 5th for the 1st Birthday Party for Juicy Couture on 5th. It was so cute. Everyone was dressed up and there were waiters/models walking around with waters and macaroons. Yummy! Afterwards I went over to Bendels and checked out the accessories. I ended up getting a couple bracelets and talked to Tai from amahazing.blogsopt.com. She’s super sweet, so everyone check out her blog! She even posted about New Orleans on Vanessa on Gossip Girl… gotta love a M&L girl! ¬†Saturday night I crashed early. Sunday morning started off with brunch at Tavern on the Green then back downtown for a little street fair shopping… Then I came back to Raleigh!

The weekend was packed, but so much fun. I can’t wait till I’m back in the City again. I hope everyone else’s weekend was just as fun. Tomorrow I’m going into M&L so I will have an update!

As You Were


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