You’ll Find a Way (Switch and Sinden Remix)

I’m obsessed with bracelets. And obsession.. in it’s purest form, isn’t even a strong enough word. Infatuated, captivated, and bewitched aren’t even the right word. I wear at least 3 bracelets every day. Chanel said to always take off one accessory before you leave the house.. I usually put on two more. You get where I’m going right? Well one thing I really want to do here is tell yall about where I get some of my things. So brand plug: Alex and Ani. Their website is Pretty simple. They have a ton of wire bangles with charms on them. GREAT if you layer like me. I have two of the quill feathers in russian gold and one initial R bangle in the silver version. I wear them everyday. And if you’re into being eco friendly and green… your in luck. They are made from recycled materials. I was looking through the selection today and I definitely have my eye on a few more to order. Like the key, cupid’s heart, the unicorn… so many that I want! AND THEY AREN’T THAT EXPENSIVE. A single charm bracelet is around $28-$48. Obviously sets (which come in like sets of 7 or 21) are more expensive. I really want all of yall to be as excited about these as I am!

Things at M&L are going great. We’ve done a lot of  “fall cleaning”.  I haven’t been in the studio a lot lately because of school.. It’s life consuming.

It’s fair week here in Raleigh. Apparently there is chocolate covered bacon.. and friend butter!?!?! Sounds like instant heartattack to me. I have unfortunetly not been to the fair yet but hopefully I can go this weekend. The nippy fair air is my favorite part and honestly its just been too hot. I can’t get in the spirit. Pray for a cold front this weekend.

Well I hope every one’s week is going good… keep up on your shows.. GLEE was so good last night.. I love Mark Salling. When he sang “Sweet Caroline” he literally made me swoon. OK  OK I know…

As You Were


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