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Letters from the Sky pt. 2

November 16, 2009

I totally forgot to mention this earlier.. I LOVE the new Levi “Go Forth” Campaign. Walt Whitman is such a great and controversial poet. His words combined with the images of the young “Pioneers” are so inspiring. It makes me want to do a whole collection based on the feelings of urgency, ruggedness, and freedom that the poem brings out in me. And run through the woods with no shoes on.

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Letters from the Sky

November 16, 2009

Me and Emily worked on headbands this weekend. Saturday we probably worked for at least 9 hours straight. Needless to say our fingers were useless around midnight. But we have at least 15 new headbands to show for our work. We are showing our headbands in the MFA Bazaar this Friday in the Cate Center from 10-3. There are 7 other designers showcasing their work as well. We are all very excited.

Pretty short post but I have lots of pictures!

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Driving Me Stupid

November 13, 2009

Are yall voting for me on tweet my style? I hope so!

We had a very productive MFA officer meeting yesterday. We’ve got the plan for the rest of the semester. The Bazaar starts next week so look around for posters and flyers!

Last night we had an alum, Tiffany, come and talk to the club. She was super sweet. She was a design major and graduated in 07. She talked about all the different things she has been able to do with her degree. She’s been store manager of BEBE, graphic artist, and tons of other things that aren’t in the industry. She gave us helpful interviewing tips: Like be professional above anything else, always have a question to ask when they ask you if you have any questions, sell your personality, make them feel like they are talking to a friend by engaging them as well, and dress appropriately for the job your looking for. She also went over the importance of a portfolio regardless of if you’re more fashion merchandising. I had never really thought of having a portfolio even though I have a lot of things to put in it. Of course Tiffany and I had a moment over our love of our Onyx. It makes my day when someone stops me and compliments me on it, or shows me theirs. I definitely notice them a lot more now, and pay attention to wether or not they wear it on their ring finger or pinky finger. So far me and my mom are the only pinky wearers I’ve spotted.

Moon and Lola is having a trunk show today. It’s at Kristin’s shoes in Cary. The address is: Kristen’s Shoe Boutique The Arboretum At Weston 2045 Renaissance Park Place Cary, NC 27513. So I hope you all venture out of your warm snuggly homes, grab your hot beverage to go and check out Kelly’s designs. They will be there till 8 tonight.

As far as everything else goes, it’s been awful weather and I think it’s taken a toll on me. I woke this morning and my throat hurts so bad that I can barely talk. I guess no NCSU basketball game for me tonight. Super sad. I live for the ACC. I loved the return of Glee last night. I can’t wait to see what songs they choose for Sectionals. I think I’ll have a Glee finale party!

I hope you all stay warm and dry.

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Glee Cast Definitely not Looking Like Losers

Too Good For Me

November 10, 2009

Cornhuskin is officially over. Juniors got 3rd… it’s a sensitive subject. This past weekend was very chill.. I basically did nothing except recover from the weeks of hard work.

MFA will be having an Alum come speak to us on Wednesday at 5 in 113 Martin.. everyone should come out because she has a really cool job that I’m not going to tell you about!

I was looking on the Urban Outfitters website this afternoon and saw this Bunny ring. It’s so cute.. and so affordable!

One last quick thing.. I will be blogging for Tweet My Style. It’s a social networking website for fashionistas worldwide. I will be posting pictures that are linked to my facebook and twitter account. All you have to do is vote that you like what I’m posting. I’ll post pictures of things I wear and thing I see that I like. The contest officially starts tomorrow.

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Bunny Ring


I Start to Run

November 3, 2009

It’s been over a week.. I’m sorry. So I’ll do a few quick updates:

Moon and Lola: Things are great. We are sending out Line 7 to the press.

MFA: Things are slow. We are discussing the Bazzar (November 20) and the Christmas Party hopefully some time in the next week.

School: Things are crazy. It’s Corn week and so practices are scheduled for all hours of the night, along with the usual amount of schoolwork ie 2 exams this week and added socials. It’s overwhelming to say the least.. but it all ends Friday night. Oh last week I got my Onyx!

Halloween was a show. I loved seeing everyone’s costumes. I, of course, went as a Cheerleader. I saw only one guy dressed as Max from Wild Things and when I asked him if he slept in a big pile he just looked at me. So that was kinda dissapointing.

I did a lot of window shopping this weekend. I’ve been sifting through sites and stores looking for my winter essentials. I’ve come up a with a small list, but of course I can’t commit to ordering any of it.

  1. David Lerner Side Zipper Leggings at Gena Chandlier
  2. BCBG Ribbed Leggings with Zipper Detail at Monkees (NH Location)
  3. Susana Monaco A Line Shift Dress at ShopBop
  4. Lace Up Boots á la Sense and Sensibility
  5. Baggy sweaters
  6. House of Holland Mock Stocking Tights

I’m in desperate need of bottoms that aren’t jeans. I have black, grey, dark, light, purple… everything. I’m tired of wearing jeans. I know its the uniform of a typical college student but we all know that is so far from how I actually dress. This was once again confirmed in my mind when I wore a grey baggy THREAD SOCIAL sweatshirt with a giant silk bow that reaches across the shoulder, to meet up with a guy friend this weekend. He commented asking what it was I was wearing (I had it paired with black skinnys I had cuffed and was sporting these killer suede heels) and then told me I don’t dress normal. To the boy: Do you want me to wear sweatshirts adorned with collage logos, ill fitting denim, and Uggs? Cause it’s not gonna happen.

Yesterday me and a few friends had a movie night. We watched American Beauty, because I had never seen it, and Rushmore. Both very good. I think I’m obsessed with American Beauty.. the bag dancing across the parking lot.. it was so beautiful.

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House of Holland Tights