I Start to Run

It’s been over a week.. I’m sorry. So I’ll do a few quick updates:

Moon and Lola: Things are great. We are sending out Line 7 to the press.

MFA: Things are slow. We are discussing the Bazzar (November 20) and the Christmas Party hopefully some time in the next week.

School: Things are crazy. It’s Corn week and so practices are scheduled for all hours of the night, along with the usual amount of schoolwork ie 2 exams this week and added socials. It’s overwhelming to say the least.. but it all ends Friday night. Oh last week I got my Onyx!

Halloween was a show. I loved seeing everyone’s costumes. I, of course, went as a Cheerleader. I saw only one guy dressed as Max from Wild Things and when I asked him if he slept in a big pile he just looked at me. So that was kinda dissapointing.

I did a lot of window shopping this weekend. I’ve been sifting through sites and stores looking for my winter essentials. I’ve come up a with a small list, but of course I can’t commit to ordering any of it.

  1. David Lerner Side Zipper Leggings at Gena Chandlier
  2. BCBG Ribbed Leggings with Zipper Detail at Monkees (NH Location)
  3. Susana Monaco A Line Shift Dress at ShopBop
  4. Lace Up Boots √° la Sense and Sensibility
  5. Baggy sweaters
  6. House of Holland Mock Stocking Tights

I’m in desperate need of bottoms that aren’t jeans. I have black, grey, dark, light, purple… everything. I’m tired of wearing jeans. I know its the uniform of a typical college student but we all know that is so far from how I actually dress. This was once again confirmed in my mind when I wore a grey baggy THREAD SOCIAL sweatshirt with a giant silk bow that reaches across the shoulder, to meet up with a guy friend this weekend. He commented asking what it was I was wearing (I had it paired with black skinnys I had cuffed and was sporting these killer suede heels) and then told me I don’t dress normal. To the boy: Do you want me to wear sweatshirts adorned with collage logos, ill fitting denim, and Uggs? Cause it’s not gonna happen.

Yesterday me and a few friends had a movie night. We watched American Beauty, because I had never seen it, and Rushmore. Both very good. I think I’m obsessed with American Beauty.. the bag dancing across the parking lot.. it was so beautiful.

As You Were

House of Holland Tights


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