Penny on the Floor

How was everyone’s Christmas? Did you get good presents, eat good food, and laugh? That’s what happens in my house. Our guest list is smaller than most, the four of us, both sets of grandparents, and my dad’s younger brother’s family. So 12 of us overall. But we still have a good time. I was seated with the “Children” this year, though it was a far better option than the adult table since our table actually only consisted of  two children. It was me, my brother, and my aunt and uncle. We always have the best time and completely  tear each other up. Nothing is censored, nothing is off limits and no joke is too far. The freedom there is nice.

So I really liked uploading all those pictures last time. I find that when I’m going through my list of must read blogs, I start paying less attention to the lengthy paragraphs and more attention to the inspiring photos. They become addicting and I can’t stop searching for new inspiration. And so I present you with another gallery of inspiration.

As You Were


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