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Penny on the Floor

December 27, 2009

How was everyone’s Christmas? Did you get good presents, eat good food, and laugh? That’s what happens in my house. Our guest list is smaller than most, the four of us, both sets of grandparents, and my dad’s younger brother’s family. So 12 of us overall. But we still have a good time. I was seated with the “Children” this year, though it was a far better option than the adult table since our table actually only consisted of  two children. It was me, my brother, and my aunt and uncle. We always have the best time and completely  tear each other up. Nothing is censored, nothing is off limits and no joke is too far. The freedom there is nice.

So I really liked uploading all those pictures last time. I find that when I’m going through my list of must read blogs, I start paying less attention to the lengthy paragraphs and more attention to the inspiring photos. They become addicting and I can’t stop searching for new inspiration. And so I present you with another gallery of inspiration.

As You Were


Solar Midnite

December 13, 2009

Exams are done and I’m officially on Break. Yay!! I’m not gonna lie, this semester was difficult. Definitely the hardest so far. I’m still recovering for my 36 hours of no sleep. I’ve pretty much been sleeping non stop.

As I’ve been searching the interweb, I’ve come across a lot of pictures that I just can’t get enough of. Seriously I’m feeling so inspired. I want to share a lot of them with you.

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Cheers Darlin’

December 5, 2009

I will start off by saying that I’m so sorry for the near month hiatus I took. I just haven’t been in the blogging mood. I’ve been in a bit of a funk.

Me and Em put our headbands in the MFA Bazzaar and they actually did really well.We sold 11 headbands. We got a lot of compliments, a lot of suggestions for an Etsy site, and a few specialized orders. All very exciting.

So the Holidays are here.. I kind of have a love/hate relationship with this time of year. So before you go calling me a grinch, read further. I hate the holidays because I don’t really like crowded shopping (it stresses me out), I’m not a huge fan of Christmas music, and I always wish I was invited/hosted more parties than is really reality. I love the holidays because I love that everyone comes home, I love that my Mom makes us do really cheesy family outings like driving aimlessly around Raleigh, creeping on people’s Christmas lights and decorations, and I love going to the holiday parties I do get invited to. So if I avoid the malls and busy shopping areas, don’t listen to the radio, and try not to dwell on the missed holiday outfit opportunities, then I love holidays! See, I’m really not that bad.

Well since I haven’t been posting on here then I’m sure you’re wondering what I’ve been doing. First, I kinda gave up on Tweet My Style. I really wanted to do it and be good at it, but I lost my camera, and I’m really bad at posting things daily. So in the end I just couldn’t commit during this season of life aka the end of the semester. I have however been reading a lot of other blogs, and online window shopping. I really like Casey at I read her blog daily and she has this really great idea for a DIY project . I’m gonna try it out over the break and then maybe I’ll email her my version. It looks pretty simple.. taking an old cardigan, taking off the buttons, and replacing them with ribbon. Basically this is right up my alley. And I have a ton of ribbon to do this effortlessly. This is a Philip Lim 3.1 Cardigan and the inspiration for the DIY. Shouldn’t be too hard. I also saw this necklace on Shopbop and thought about attempting a similar version.

Anyways.. Finals are this week. I have one Saturday, two Tuesday, one Wednesday and one Thursday. Bluh shoot me now. I hate studying. Luckily only two of my finals are actual exams. One is a massive paper/presentation, one is just a power point, and the other is a dress I made. Dress=not finished and total shams. I will definetly be pulling multiple all nighters till Thursday.

I’ve never asked you readers questions before but I’m curious to know what some good gift ideas are. I always have a hard time picking out stuff for people. So hit me with your best ideas for anyone: Brothers, Best Friends, Bosses who are more like friends, Mothers… all ideas are appreciated.

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Letters from the Sky pt. 2

November 16, 2009

I totally forgot to mention this earlier.. I LOVE the new Levi “Go Forth” Campaign. Walt Whitman is such a great and controversial poet. His words combined with the images of the young “Pioneers” are so inspiring. It makes me want to do a whole collection based on the feelings of urgency, ruggedness, and freedom that the poem brings out in me. And run through the woods with no shoes on.

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Letters from the Sky

November 16, 2009

Me and Emily worked on headbands this weekend. Saturday we probably worked for at least 9 hours straight. Needless to say our fingers were useless around midnight. But we have at least 15 new headbands to show for our work. We are showing our headbands in the MFA Bazaar this Friday in the Cate Center from 10-3. There are 7 other designers showcasing their work as well. We are all very excited.

Pretty short post but I have lots of pictures!

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Driving Me Stupid

November 13, 2009

Are yall voting for me on tweet my style? I hope so!

We had a very productive MFA officer meeting yesterday. We’ve got the plan for the rest of the semester. The Bazaar starts next week so look around for posters and flyers!

Last night we had an alum, Tiffany, come and talk to the club. She was super sweet. She was a design major and graduated in 07. She talked about all the different things she has been able to do with her degree. She’s been store manager of BEBE, graphic artist, and tons of other things that aren’t in the industry. She gave us helpful interviewing tips: Like be professional above anything else, always have a question to ask when they ask you if you have any questions, sell your personality, make them feel like they are talking to a friend by engaging them as well, and dress appropriately for the job your looking for. She also went over the importance of a portfolio regardless of if you’re more fashion merchandising. I had never really thought of having a portfolio even though I have a lot of things to put in it. Of course Tiffany and I had a moment over our love of our Onyx. It makes my day when someone stops me and compliments me on it, or shows me theirs. I definitely notice them a lot more now, and pay attention to wether or not they wear it on their ring finger or pinky finger. So far me and my mom are the only pinky wearers I’ve spotted.

Moon and Lola is having a trunk show today. It’s at Kristin’s shoes in Cary. The address is: Kristen’s Shoe Boutique The Arboretum At Weston 2045 Renaissance Park Place Cary, NC 27513. So I hope you all venture out of your warm snuggly homes, grab your hot beverage to go and check out Kelly’s designs. They will be there till 8 tonight.

As far as everything else goes, it’s been awful weather and I think it’s taken a toll on me. I woke this morning and my throat hurts so bad that I can barely talk. I guess no NCSU basketball game for me tonight. Super sad. I live for the ACC. I loved the return of Glee last night. I can’t wait to see what songs they choose for Sectionals. I think I’ll have a Glee finale party!

I hope you all stay warm and dry.

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Glee Cast Definitely not Looking Like Losers

Too Good For Me

November 10, 2009

Cornhuskin is officially over. Juniors got 3rd… it’s a sensitive subject. This past weekend was very chill.. I basically did nothing except recover from the weeks of hard work.

MFA will be having an Alum come speak to us on Wednesday at 5 in 113 Martin.. everyone should come out because she has a really cool job that I’m not going to tell you about!

I was looking on the Urban Outfitters website this afternoon and saw this Bunny ring. It’s so cute.. and so affordable!

One last quick thing.. I will be blogging for Tweet My Style. It’s a social networking website for fashionistas worldwide. I will be posting pictures that are linked to my facebook and twitter account. All you have to do is vote that you like what I’m posting. I’ll post pictures of things I wear and thing I see that I like. The contest officially starts tomorrow.

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Bunny Ring


I Start to Run

November 3, 2009

It’s been over a week.. I’m sorry. So I’ll do a few quick updates:

Moon and Lola: Things are great. We are sending out Line 7 to the press.

MFA: Things are slow. We are discussing the Bazzar (November 20) and the Christmas Party hopefully some time in the next week.

School: Things are crazy. It’s Corn week and so practices are scheduled for all hours of the night, along with the usual amount of schoolwork ie 2 exams this week and added socials. It’s overwhelming to say the least.. but it all ends Friday night. Oh last week I got my Onyx!

Halloween was a show. I loved seeing everyone’s costumes. I, of course, went as a Cheerleader. I saw only one guy dressed as Max from Wild Things and when I asked him if he slept in a big pile he just looked at me. So that was kinda dissapointing.

I did a lot of window shopping this weekend. I’ve been sifting through sites and stores looking for my winter essentials. I’ve come up a with a small list, but of course I can’t commit to ordering any of it.

  1. David Lerner Side Zipper Leggings at Gena Chandlier
  2. BCBG Ribbed Leggings with Zipper Detail at Monkees (NH Location)
  3. Susana Monaco A Line Shift Dress at ShopBop
  4. Lace Up Boots á la Sense and Sensibility
  5. Baggy sweaters
  6. House of Holland Mock Stocking Tights

I’m in desperate need of bottoms that aren’t jeans. I have black, grey, dark, light, purple… everything. I’m tired of wearing jeans. I know its the uniform of a typical college student but we all know that is so far from how I actually dress. This was once again confirmed in my mind when I wore a grey baggy THREAD SOCIAL sweatshirt with a giant silk bow that reaches across the shoulder, to meet up with a guy friend this weekend. He commented asking what it was I was wearing (I had it paired with black skinnys I had cuffed and was sporting these killer suede heels) and then told me I don’t dress normal. To the boy: Do you want me to wear sweatshirts adorned with collage logos, ill fitting denim, and Uggs? Cause it’s not gonna happen.

Yesterday me and a few friends had a movie night. We watched American Beauty, because I had never seen it, and Rushmore. Both very good. I think I’m obsessed with American Beauty.. the bag dancing across the parking lot.. it was so beautiful.

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House of Holland Tights

You’ll Find a Way (Switch and Sinden Remix)

October 23, 2009

I’m obsessed with bracelets. And obsession.. in it’s purest form, isn’t even a strong enough word. Infatuated, captivated, and bewitched aren’t even the right word. I wear at least 3 bracelets every day. Chanel said to always take off one accessory before you leave the house.. I usually put on two more. You get where I’m going right? Well one thing I really want to do here is tell yall about where I get some of my things. So brand plug: Alex and Ani. Their website is Pretty simple. They have a ton of wire bangles with charms on them. GREAT if you layer like me. I have two of the quill feathers in russian gold and one initial R bangle in the silver version. I wear them everyday. And if you’re into being eco friendly and green… your in luck. They are made from recycled materials. I was looking through the selection today and I definitely have my eye on a few more to order. Like the key, cupid’s heart, the unicorn… so many that I want! AND THEY AREN’T THAT EXPENSIVE. A single charm bracelet is around $28-$48. Obviously sets (which come in like sets of 7 or 21) are more expensive. I really want all of yall to be as excited about these as I am!

Things at M&L are going great. We’ve done a lot of  “fall cleaning”.  I haven’t been in the studio a lot lately because of school.. It’s life consuming.

It’s fair week here in Raleigh. Apparently there is chocolate covered bacon.. and friend butter!?!?! Sounds like instant heartattack to me. I have unfortunetly not been to the fair yet but hopefully I can go this weekend. The nippy fair air is my favorite part and honestly its just been too hot. I can’t get in the spirit. Pray for a cold front this weekend.

Well I hope every one’s week is going good… keep up on your shows.. GLEE was so good last night.. I love Mark Salling. When he sang “Sweet Caroline” he literally made me swoon. OK  OK I know…

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October 13, 2009

I’m still recovering from New York. It was so much fun and we were so busy. I got there late Wednesday night and so I just stayed in the hotel and talked to friends on the phone. Thursday started bright and early with a trip to the Federal Reserve.. I guess the accounting majors on the trip had to do something related to them. It was neat to see all the gold and go into the vault, that is until I started feeling claustrophobic and thought I was going to die 16 floors below the subway. But we made it out thankfully. After grabbing lunch at Macy’s we went on the Sex and City Tour. Being a fan of the show it was cool to see some of the main places from the show. Things like The New York Library, where Carrie and Big’s Wedding was suppose to happen, to the Pleasure Chest where the girls discovered the rabbit, to Buddakan, host to many a party. Later that night we met up with some Alums for a dinner at Norma’s on the Upper East Side.. so yummy. On Friday we started the day with a Bloomy’s trip and after lunch we went to Promostyl, the leaders in fashion forecasting. Their jobs seem so glamourous. We chatted with them for a while about what a fashion forecaster does (predicts trends 18 months in advance), what it takes to be a fashion forecaster (long days and selflessness) and had a little chat about how everyone is so connected in the City. When we were leaving one of the guys told me he really liked my jacket.. I was on cloud nine. Afterwards we went to Findings, a design showroom, and talked about being a liaison between buyers and the designers. It was so nice of MarySue to keep the office open for us to come in and look around. She is such an angel for staying late on a Friday night. Late night on Friday me and the girls hopped into a stretch hummer limo and went downtown to the West Village to eat dinner at this very trendy Mexican resturant. Afterwards we went out to the GasLight and danced the night away. Saturday morning started off a little rough with getting lost in the subway trying to head to the MET but finally we made it. We looked around then headed back down to the West Village for more shopping then back up to 5th for the 1st Birthday Party for Juicy Couture on 5th. It was so cute. Everyone was dressed up and there were waiters/models walking around with waters and macaroons. Yummy! Afterwards I went over to Bendels and checked out the accessories. I ended up getting a couple bracelets and talked to Tai from She’s super sweet, so everyone check out her blog! She even posted about New Orleans on Vanessa on Gossip Girl… gotta love a M&L girl!  Saturday night I crashed early. Sunday morning started off with brunch at Tavern on the Green then back downtown for a little street fair shopping… Then I came back to Raleigh!

The weekend was packed, but so much fun. I can’t wait till I’m back in the City again. I hope everyone else’s weekend was just as fun. Tomorrow I’m going into M&L so I will have an update!

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